GJ Guitars

GJ guitars started out when, around 40 odd years ago, I fancied a “Tele” but couldn’t afford one, so I decided to try and make one. I had been working in a local timber yard and managed to get a hold of some pieces of wood. After about 8 months my 001 “Tele” was created.    

Some clients were keeping up to date with the progress and when the finished article finally came about, asked me if I could make something for them. A body, a neck etc. The next thing I knew I was up to # 6, a black “Strat” style with DiMarzio blues pickups. This guitar I kept for about 6 years, until someone offered me a absurd price for it. It is now touring in Eire with a rock band.

The next guitar I kept, was #19, another “Strat” style with a quilted maple top, Gotoh roller bridge, DiMarzio’ s etc.  It played and sounded like like a dream, it was sold in 2015 after 10 years of excellent service,

My newest “Strat” is #72, which is a swamp ash body, finished in red with a maple/ rosewood neck, DiMarzio’ s and a Roland GK-3. 

From time to time the worst can happen and a body or neck can get damaged. Sometimes if not fully repairable these guitars are sold for a knock down price.  A great bargain to be had by all.

Any Questions ?, Interested?, Just give me a call.



If you would like to see more information and pictures of GJ guitars, then why not link to my new sub site.  (Please note that due to our power being cut off by tradesmen without warning, while up dating this site a glitch happened and at the moment I cannot enter to repair and take it back on line. Sorry. G)



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